The Flesh Eater Synopsis

For Nina, her upcoming college graduation is a bag of mixed emotions. The only thing that is keeping her from losing her mind completely is the upcoming trip to the mountains with her friends. The night before her big trip, she has a horrific nightmare where she stalks and kills a couple. She chalks the dream up to stress and continues getting ready for the weekend in the mountains.

With thoughts of her recent nightmare banished from her mind, Nina piles into the car with her best friend Madison and her boyfriend Elliot, and her boyfriend Ashton and head to Madison’s family cabin. They stop at a gas station in a small, remote town to fill up on gas and grab some snacks. Nina and Madison go into the store, where Nina notices a missing poster for a couple who disappeared in the woods. To Nina’s horror, she recognizes the campers from her nightmare. The cashier tells them the couples disappeared less than two miles away from Madison’s cabin, making Nina incredibly uneasy about the trip.

Once they arrive at the cabin, Nina’s unease starts to fade. As the girls prepare dinner, another car pulls up in front of the cabin. Matthew, Madison’s brother, and Nina’s childhood crush steps out of the car, along with his new girlfriend, Amelia. While Madison and Nina are happy to see him, Ashton is visibly annoyed. That night Nina has another violent dream in which she kills Madison.

The next day Nina wakes to find Madison and Elliot have ventured into the woods. Several hours later, Elliot runs screaming out of the wood. As Nina and Matthew try to calm him down, Ashton accuses him of killing Madison. Worn out and exhausted from the emotions, Nina falls asleep on the couch, only to have another dream that she kills Ashton. The next day Nina is awoken by Ashton wanting to leave the cabin.

Ashton leaves the safety of the cabin and is killed by a dark, shadowy creature. As the group is trying to come up with a plan, the creature breaks through the front window and drags Amelia out to the porch. This prompts the remaining three members to try and make it to Matthew’s car.

They manage to make it to the car and speed off down the road, but they lose control and slam into a tree, knocking the three friends out. 

The three wake up and leave the safety of the car. They follow a path through the woods, but Elliot thinks he hears Madison calling for him and takes off into the woods. The creature in the woods is getting closer, so Matthew makes the decision to leave Nina in order to draw the creature away from her, devastating Nina.

Nina continues down the path alone when she comes upon a cabin. She tries to get the owners to let her in, but they call the police instead. The police arrive and put Nina in the back of the patrol car and take off toward the nearby town.

Nina starts to relax. Soon the car pulls to the side of the road so the police officer can investigate an item blocking the road. Nina begs her to stay in the car, but she doesn’t listen and is killed by the creature. Nina finds a way out of the back of the cruiser and runs over the creature, seemingly killing it.