Insanity Synopsis

After her grandmother passes, Lina Dewitt, a newly licensed psychiatrist, helps her mother deal with the estate. During the process of cleaning out her grandmother’s things, Lina discovers the journals of her grandfather, a former doctor at the Gabriel Mental Institute. Curious about the grandfather she barely knew who died tragically decades before, Lina starts to read through the journals. As she reads the final entries her intuition tells her that there is more to her grandfather’s death at the Gabriel Mental Institute than meets the eye. Determined to discover the truth behind her grandfather’s death, Lina goes undercover at the Gabriel Rehabilitation Clinic.

On her first day at the clinic, Lina meets Ellie, an elderly receptionist that worked with her grandfather, as well as Dr. Varga, the head of the clinic and former colleague and friend of her grandfather. Shortly after arriving at the clinic, Lina starts to have supernatural experiences in the form of ghosts and visions of her grandfather’s death. As she goes about her daily tasks of helping patients in their rehabilitation, Lina meets Donavan a fellow psychiatrist at the clinic and Quinn, a withdrawn and quiet patient of Dr. Varga who also sees the ghosts that are haunting Lina’s dreams. She continues to look for clues into her grandfather’s death when she uncovers hidden binders in Dr. Varga’s office that outline the decades of experimentation that he has enacted on the patients at the hospital. She turns to Donavan for help, but he dismisses her concerns. She confronts Dr. Varga, who in turn uses chloroform on Lina, rendering her unconscious.

Lina wakes up in a small patient room strapped to a steel medical exam table. Dr. Varga enters the room with Donavan, who has been working with Dr. Varga this entire time. Dr. Varga instructs Donavan to hook her up to the electroshock machine. Once hooked up, Dr. Varga subjects Lina to electroshock until she passes out. She wakes in the room surrounded by several ghosts, who help to loosen the straps so Lina can escape. As she’s struggling to get out of the restraints, she hears Dr. Varga and Donavan arguing in the next room. Dr. Varga informs Donavan that he is the one that killed Lina’s grandfather and he is planning on doing the same to Lina. Donavan tells Dr. Varga that he won’t let him do it, and Lina hears a gunshot and a body hit the floor. Dr. Varga comes back into the room alone. Dr. Varga notices that Lina is no longer restrained and tries to get her back on the table. As they struggle, Quinn enters the room and tackles Dr. Varga, allowing Lina to escape. Lina calls the police and Dr. Varga is arrested.