Blind Justice Synopsis

Hanna is a blind clairvoyant who is able to see the final violent moments of a murder victim’s life when she touches the dead body. For years she has been assisting the police and Garrett her detective friend solve some of her city’s most violent crimes. When Hanna and her live-in assistant, Juliet, are called to the morgue to help with a recent murder, she is more than happy to help. After arriving at the morgue, she is introduced to Garrett’s new partner, Richard, who is taking over for John, who recently retired. When she places her hands over the victim’s eyes, the only thing she sees is a pair of amber eyes staring back at her from behind a blind mask, leaving her unable to provide Garrett with enough details to solve the crime and unsure of herself and her abilities.

There is a succession of increasingly violent murders, each featuring the same set of amber eyes. Hanna continues to work with Garrett and Richard, providing them with as many details as she can about each murder she sees. As Garrett and Hanna continue to work on the crimes, they get closer and closer to uncovering the truth. Soon Hanna begins to receive threats from the serial killer. Garrett is called away on a family emergency, leaving Hanna to work more closely with Richard to catch the killer. As the two work the crimes, Richard starts to question how well she knows Garrett and insinuates that he might be the killer, based on the intimate details of the threatening letters she’s receiving. Unsure what to think, Hanna, withdraws into herself and pushes Garrett further away.

As Hanna tries to make sense of the situation, and Garrett’s involvement in it, the killer continues to stalk her and send her threatening messages. One morning, as Juliet is getting Hanna’s things ready for work, she discovers her cat, brutally murdered, with a note from the killer. Scared for her and Juliet’s safety, Hanna reaches out to Garrett but is unable to get a hold of him. Meanwhile, Garrett has uncovered the identity of the killer, but before he can make a move, he is attacked in the parking garage and left to die. Someone finds him and gets him to a hospital. He calls Hanna to tell her who the killer is but is unable to get through to her.

After returning from work, Hanna goes to lay down, and Juliet busies herself in the kitchen, cooking the two of them dinner. There is a knock at the door. Juliet answers it, coming face to face with the killer, who quickly kills her. Hearing Juliet’s body falls to the floor, Hanna comes out to investigate. She trips on Juliet’s lifeless form and stifles a cry. She immediately recognizes the cologne of Richard, and immediately knows she’s in trouble. She crawls back to her room and locks the door. Richard starts ramming against the door, trying to break it down. Hanna scrambles to her nightstand, grabs her phone, and calls 911. Before she can inform the operator of the situation, Richard breaks through the door and grabs Hanna by the hair, and drags her out to the living room.

Hanna’s instincts kick in and she manages to get away from Richard using her self-defense techniques. She finds her way to the kitchen and grabs a knife, stabbing Richard several times until he’s dead. As Hanna lies there sobbing next to Juliet’s lifeless body, police officers rush into the home, followed by a beaten-up Garrett, who instantly rushes to her side and envelopes her in a tight embrace.